Tribe 728

I thought I’d write about my day in San Quentin yesterday. I haven’t been writing much about my GRIP classes in the prisons. A friend told me to keep writing. I told her I have been feeling reluctant to write about it. She asked why. I said because I didn’t want to tell other people’s […]

Thoughts on The Martian

I just saw The Martian last night. Warning this is a rant. And a long one. Because I had mixed/big feelings about it. Or, as one of my guys in SQ would say, I felt some kinda way about it. But its not just a rant about the movie, but the culture that continually produces […]

A visit to the Ardh Mela

We arrived in Allahabad on the 22nd of January, clutching our jackets against the biting morning wind as our train rolled into the jam-packed train station. My friend Clay and I had come to witness the Ardh Mela. This Mela is the 6 year counter-festival to the famous Kumbha Mela. Both the Kumbha and the […]